Bludgeon Tour Dates 2018

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Bludgeon will be showcasing their debut album on the following dates -

Come and see us live in 2018! Our Tour Crew members John and Joe are joining us and will hook you up with sick merch and all things Bludgeon!!

Bludegon Comp
Bludgeon - Devoted to Lunacy

1 NOV 2018

Bludgeon and others TBC

Cricketers Arms, Southend, Essex

9 NOV 2018

Bludgeon / Spawned From Hate - Devoted To Amputation Weekender Wheatsheaf, Banbury, England

10 NOV 2018

Stillbirth, Bludgeon, SFH, Birmingham The Hammer & The Anvil Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

11 NOV 2018

SOD FEST #01 (free entry) The Unicorn Camden Live London, England, United Kingdom

1 DEC 2018

Crepitation // Thy Flesh Consumed // Bludgeon

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